Seaport Academy Learning Institutes

For his Institute Project, one Seaport student studied maritime painting—and then painted his own work of art.

Developing Expertise

We believe that every student should have opportunities to explore academic interests in depth and to acquire a sense of mastery and expertise. Twice a year, our students take a week-long break from their regular schedule of classes and activities to pursue ideas deeply, learn more independently and then turn the tables by teaching us what they have learned.

These project periods are called the Seaport Academy Learning Institutes and every Seaport student is involved.

The Learning Institutes

What's your idea? What do you want to know? What are your questions? What subjects engage you most? All institutes start with these questions.

Working closely with their advisor, each student plans a project from start to finish—from identifying a strategy for research to creating a final presentation of their work for the community. Students work closely with an advisor to plan their project. Then they get to work. Regular meetings with their advisors as well as clear milestones help students stay on task and complete their goals.

Every project is different because every student is different—with different interests, abilities and questions. But all Institute projects are activity-based and experiential. They are required to integrate core subjects such as English and History, Science and Math with the student's topic. They may involve students working individually or in a small cooperative group with with one or two faculty members. All projects culminate in tangible, real-world results and presentations to the entire Seaport Academy community.

Examples of recent Institute projects include:

  • "Who Did it?" Crime Scene Forensics
  • The Life of a Civil War Soldier
  • Instructional Media Presentation: Safety on the Water
  • Peace Garden Mural
  • A Day in the Life of a Musician: Radio Production
  • Poetry Slam: Where the Beat Meets the Street
  • Sailing Intensive
  • Leonardo DaVinci
  • Video Production
  • The Fishing Industry

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