Community Service

Seaport Academy Community Service

Seaport students collect and recycle bike parts and then rebuild bikes which are then sent to small communities in developing nations.

Reaching Out Through Service

At Seaport Academy, everyone—faculty and students together—participates in community service. Serving others help participants deepen their sense of self-worth and self-appreciation. Service also helps students connect with other people, discover their sense of compassion as well as leadership abilities, and understand what it takes to make a difference in the world.

What We Do

Twice a week, students undertake service assignments in their community. Working closely with teachers to plan, students research and organize meaningful activities that also have an educational component or allow students to develop valuable skills.

Among the many projects Seaport Academy students have chosen to volunteer their time, ideas, and energy to are:

  • Bikes Not Bombs, an initiative that collects new and used bike parts from the community, recycling them into new bikes which are sent to economic development projects (micro-enterprise bike businesses, sustainable technology projects, and youth training programs) in South Africa, Ghana and Guatemala every year.
  • Helping to maintain the Courageous Sailing Center’s fleet of sailboats. The Courageous Sailing Center is a nonprofit educational facility serving over 1,000 at-risk and disadvantaged children each year.
  • Environmental and clean-up projects with the Charles River Conservancy and Charles River Watershed Association and in the Charlestown Navy Yard area.
  • Working with homeless animals at the Animal Rescue League.
  • Starting and managing Seaport Academy's own recycling program.

You can read more about community service at Seaport Academy on our blog.

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