Curriculum and Learning

Student using a microscopeSeaport Academy's science Curriculum includes a unique aquaculture and marine science program. Photo Credit: Richard Howard

Learning at Seaport weaves together coursework with sports, community service with math, and whole days on the water with work on social skills.

We read and we fish, we write and we ride horses. We do water chemistry experiments and we play basketball. Hands-on, experiential, whatever you want to call it—we learn—often more successfully—but in a different way.

Three Ways of Learning

Seaport Academy's program has three key components:

  • An academic component that is project-based and includes intensive learning supports.
  • Clinical services that helps students focus on personal growth and self-regulation.
  • A "life skills" component that includes transition planning for life after Seaport, career preparation, and guidance for students who wish to pursue college or vocational training.

While these pieces often overlap, we focus on each of these areas individually. The result is a multidimensional program that addresses each student as an individual with unique goals and challenges—prepared for a promising future.

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