After Seaport

Giving a diploma to a student

Finishing high school is not the end—at Seaport, we think of it as a beginning. We celebrate our students’ graduations and share pride in their accomplishments.

Preparing for life after high school is an important part of being a student. From the moment a student joins us at Seaport, we begin working on that day when the student will leave. Transition planning takes place in formal classes and in regular meetings with our staff. Each student works on his personal goals for the future and a plan for accomplishing these goals.

Step-by-step, our students make progress, reconnecting to the experience of learning and to being part of a community. Clear milestones for each grade also help students appreciate their growth.


  • 8th Grade
    Students begin to create a vision for their education, and then develop an action plan that they can work on during high school. They also build on the social and emotional skills they need to succeed in high school.  
  • 9th Grade
    We challenge students to think deeply about their interests and skills and help them gain an understanding of graduation requirements. Ninth grade students  prepare for the MCAS science exams and hone skills needed for academic success.
  • 10th Grade
    Students will work on MCAS prep. Tenth grade is also the year we focus intently on life skills—conflict resolution, personal care and wellness, safety and decision-making.
  • 11th Grade
    Students will be at an age where they can gain employment so we work on job hunting, résumé writing and interview skills. Students also learn about budgeting and personal money management.
  • 12th Grade
    Seniors concentrate on individual goals related to life after high school. We go deeper into topics such as job hunting, applying to a college, technical schools, or certification programs, and enlisting in the Armed Forces.

Specialized Guidance

College Choices
Students planning to attend college can take college courses at Bunker Hill Community College before they graduate. These courses offer a head start and real-world experience in meeting college expectations. We also provide college readiness support and one-on-one assistance in the college selection process. Our staff works closely with students and families as they navigate admission interviews, write essays, take tests, apply for financial assistance and make choices.

Vocational Education
In addition to college, Seaport students may chose vocational programs—technical schools, culinary arts and computer training. Our staff ensures that each student has individual support in selecting an appropriate program and in applying and setting goals.

Career Counseling
Well before senior year, we ask our students to undertake work-study, community service and internships. These experiences give students knowledge of a real workplace and the expectations that come with employment. For students who plan to work after graduation, we offer job counseling and workshops in job-hunting skills and career exploration.

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