Learning Model Update

Delivering safe, equitable education and services is a priority for Seaport Academy.

As of November 16, 2020 at the start of Term Two, Seaport began providing a hybrid model of learning for students. The schedule for our hybrid models has our cohorts (A,B,C,and D). It provides parent contact hours Tuesday evenings as well as Student/Teacher meeting slots on Friday. Students who opt for hybrid receive two in-person days and two synchronous remote days with their cohorts and the counseling, group, group and staff, and transition are Friday.

Raise Your Sights

Seaport Academy is a small alternative school for young men in grades 8-12. We serve students who have not achieved their educational goals in a traditional school setting. We provide a unique program for them, where learning is experiential and filled with adventure.

You won't find many traditional classrooms at Seaport, and we don't expect you to always stay in your seat. Instead, Seaport Academy students take advantage of the rich history of  Chelsea, Massachusetts, and use Boston Harbor as part of the learning environment. We offer a collaborative, project-based, highly individualized approach to education that helps students meet their goals.

As a Massachusetts state-approved special education school, we serve students who are eligible for out-of-district placements and have been referred to Seaport Academy by their school system. We also accept students who are privately funded.

At Seaport, your education combines learning supports, psychotherapy and project based learning.

Raise Your Sights